Unicorn Trainers Club Logo

Unicorn Trainers Club was established from the desire of the founders to create a physical and virtual aggregation site for people who want to do, open to change, active and proactive, motivated to improve themselves in the professional and personal area. People who believe that innovation is a key resource to compete from Italy to the world.


Unicorn Trainers Club wants to be a reference point for anyone who believes in innovation and has the desire to bring his entrepreneurial business to success.

Our firm commitment:

  • To collect and spread the best innovation ideas
  • To intercept and support high potential start-ups
  • To develop the Open Innovation culture
  • To foster and promote the activities of VC, Angel Investing and Corporate VC in Italy and abroad
  • To collaborate with Universities, Research Centers, Science Parks, Incubators and Accelerators of the area
  • To foster networking among Club’s members
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Monthly Meeting

We organize operational meetings by selecting top-notch experts and entrepreneurs in addition to the best Innovative Startups in the innovation ecosystem


We promote targeted visits to companies, incubators and business accelerators that are main players of change. We organize networking meetings for Club members that include Clubs’ morning breakfasts and evening drinks

Online Networking

We communicate and share the most exciting ecosystem news through our FB and Slack community by also providing our members with a selection of value-added documents and reports on the Cloud



  • Supporting those who for the first time approach the world of VC / Business Angel
  • Sharing investment experiences (positive and negative)
  • Facing with investment opportunities and technicalities
  • Boosting members’ vertical competencies in the screening process
  • Establishing Club Deal among UT members and / or in association with other investment groups


  • Supporting those who for the first time approach the Startup world
  • Creating a network of professionals with specific expertise on the legal and fiscal practices of Startup
  • Building up a skill-set available for Startups within our network: Marketing, IT, Operations …
  • “Cross Fertilization”


  • Developing a win-win relationship between businesses and Startup
  • Startups can benefit from the customer base and the economies of scale of established businesses
  • Firms can benefit from innovations that would be difficult, risky and costly to develop internally
  • Developing the culture of Open Innovation


  • Framework: what it means to have an investor on board
  • Direct feedback from active and serial investors on the attractiveness of your Startup
  • Direct channel with the largest groups of Italian and foreign VC / BANs
  • Support to understand which funding options fit the stage of your Startup

Our Headquarter

UTC Headquarters
Viale Ledra 108, Udine